LARM (noice) in the air!

LARM is a large Danish research project and it aims to build a new digital archive for radio and sound (cultural heritage). The vision is (from Radio Culture and Auditory Resources Research Infrastructure LARM Appendix 1, Summary):

  • to secure research access to Danish radio resources through construction of a national infrastructure
  • to mature radio and audio source material through the construction of a national bibliography of radio and the development of research specific tools
  • to strengthen existing research milieus and to further the emerging research field of auditory culture
  • to strengthen research dissemination within the field of radio and audio culture
  • to contribute to international and international research in archive infrastructures.

More information is available at (University of Copenhagen), mostly in Danish.

Tomorrow there will be a official reception with lectures 13.30-17.00 at Multisalen, KUA.

I am one of the participants in the project and will return and write about the progress. It is exciting!

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