Läkartidningen and impossible linking

The journal of The Swedish Medical Association, Läkartidningen, has a section with peer-reviewed research articles. The articles are freely accessible on the web at the journal home page. The research articles are indexed in MEDLINE and are thereby searchable in PubMed. The problem is that the journal is published without taking any regard to linking “standards” like OpenURL and DOI.

This means that it is impossible to direct link to a specific article. The URL of an article is not possible to build with metadata from the article, the article is only possible to access directly with the unique URL (which is generated by the content management system used to publish the journal online).

As a consequence it is impossible to link to an article (article level) through a link resolver. A link from a record (in a discovery search service or PubMed) concerning a specific article can just link to the journal home page (journal level).

If the journal had implemented OpenURL or DOI it would have been possible to have direct links to the articles in PubMed as the content is Open Access (and easy to access on the journal home page).

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