JoVE – an impossible case

The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is a PubMed-indexed video journal with the mission is to increase the productivity of scientific research. It seems to be a great journal. The problem with JoVE from a findability and access point of view is that despite it is one journal with one ISSN, the access is sold/licenced by section. Having access to five of the ten sections are fine when you are at the web site of the journal, then it is obvious what is accessible and what is not. But when the journal is actived in a link resolver on journal level (there is no other) the system assumes that the whole journal is accessible for the years activated. Normally a subscription works that way. But not for JoVE.

This means that when a researcher at the university finds a JoVE article in Web of Science, in Google Scholar or in our discovery search service he/she sees that there are full text access to the video journal. But when arriving at the journal web site there are no access for the article, only for some other sections. The researcher is irritated. The system has failed. JoVE has not understood how scholarly publishing and retrieval works, they ought to start new journals instead of sections to make the ecosystem work. It is a fragile ecosystem. Still too fragile.


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