Findability and access – challenges for publishers, providers, libraries and users

In my work with e-resources and discovery search services at Lund University I try to solve findability and access problems every day. They might be caused by lack of metadata (or incorrect metadata) in the index of the discovery search service or in the link resolvers, manual cataloging errors which find their way in to the system, incorrect holdings on our side or at the supplier of the e-books or e-journals, and (my favorite) strange and substandard publishing solutions (which are more or less impossible to link to in good way).

This is the first post in a series where I will discuss different aspects of findability and access in an academic library context. The tag “findability&access” will be used, and the post will be listed below when published.

This is not done as a part of my work at the University Library, please send any comments or criticism through the contact form or Twitter (@jotifr).

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